I am convinced 

My love life is that of a dresser drawer full of lost socks

Sometimes I am a cute pink sock faded but perfect to accompany your yoga pants

Sometimes I am a black tube sock ready to work with you all the live long day 

Sometimes I am a simple white sock pliable and blank

However I am always missing my mate 

I am surrounded by other pliable working cute single mismatched socks

But none are for me

None are my pair mate

Will I wait in the drawer till the end of time or will a hardworking cute pliable match come along one day


I started out with a vanity

But all I had room for in my apartment heart 

Was a hand mirror 

My one bedroom flat couldn’t afford all that 

Gorgeous marble vanity of yours 

However beautiful it was, it was heavy too

We had our fun on it and prepared ourselves for eight hour days 

But it cracked because of all my books and other things that weighed

You had to pack up and leave because it cracked 

Now it’s just me inside of my flat 

I’m so lost because I don’t have a vanity to look at

Reflection RampantΒ 

There’s a schizophrenic woman arguing with her reflection next to me 

Or maybe she can actually see into another dimension that I’m just unaware of 

Isn’t that how our world has progressed 

We’ve always prosecuted the best innovators with the wildest dreams

Come to find out they were exactly what we needed to evolve 

Maybe schizophrenics know god or some sort of a higher power 

Or maybe this poor woman having a bad day and arguing with her reflection 

Arizona πŸ¦‚

It’s been off and on hot here because of the monsoons and the haboobies. πŸ˜‚ no haboobs it’s just a funny word. But the bugs are alive and well in the desert. My work is crazy taking a rough turn. But I need to stay positive. 

I’ve been trying to write but I can’t force it you know it is what it is. Go diamondbacks and stuff. I’m ready for hockey. 

I was unaware that nearly everyone in Europe used euros except for Switzerland. So I’ll have to prepare for that on my trip. I’m just an ignorant young American I guess. I’m learning though. 

Trees Falling In The Forest

Automatic doors took away chivalry 

The boy in the parking lot yelling fuck looks like he just lost his hot girlfriend 

When it’s dark and something falls it sounds scarier because you can’t see what it is

Allegations and maybe are words that have more weight now to me than yes and no

Have I come to terms with the American dream

Where things are tangible if you have money and a degree 

I will not make a sound