The Fates

I was

Young twenty and not funny

Addicted to drink and blood muddy

Tattooed perturbed and I preferred

Coffee as a side to my cigarette

I loitered often

In cafe scenes

With busted boys and broken dreams

I met the defeated and ran with the pale

I worked only at night and I failed

One morning after I almost got hit by a car

At the dead end job that wouldn’t get me to far

I moved out of it all and picked up a new strand of fate

Now I think it’s time for another change


Sick Spins Bro

We fell in love in the indie rock section

We made love to it to

We sauntered on over to the alternatives

And turned the pop on to mute

The punk section was a flash and went by

Then we started to feel old

We strolled through the jazz taking time

And we rekindled again in the folk

Silverstein 15 Year Tour

I had so much fun! But the shirtless mongrels in the pit were rude. On jumped on me and tried to go crowd surfing without asking. I got kicked in the face.

Silverstein was really humble and they put on a great show. As always.

Capstan was meh. They sound like every other band from the coast to me idk they put on a good show and said a heartfelt speech.

As Cities Burns was exciting and had a really good stage presence I wish they played more.

Hawthorne Heights took me back to the girlie emo days. They were pretty good. They brought the mixed crowd of guys with girlfriends and youngsters since they’re still making new popular songs.

Silverstein played the entire When Broken Is Easily Fixed Album and a whole extra greatest hits album.


How many minutes have I missed

How many more

How many gifts do I have to give

Until you realize that I am yours

I tried to show up strong for you

But I couldn’t even breathe

There wasn’t much that you could do

Time expired I had to leave