• I finished a notepad tore it and now it’s art

Her The Wildflower

I used to play my part and sit quietly in class

But then I realized I had much more to me than that

I am a simple girl with a mindful young lady who was introduced to a strong woman with a stiff upper lip

“Yes is not always the answer and you can wear your hair down most all the time” she says

Her hands are painted any color she wants

She lifts her children in one strong bicep and with her other she picks up books for after bedtime

She only apologizes when necessary and tears only fall as needed

She is at peace with herself because she is herself


What a wildflower

Uni-ball vision elite

High hopes for the weekend

Low amounts in my wallet and it’s so far from payday

I am practicing my signature for the future

My father told me I had a bad signature

One day I will write my name by an x for a house

I want the realtor to be wowed with a precise capital

Obviously these things take time and practice

Maybe even the right ink

Write ink

People are so impatient

12 Strong plus a LEO

I watched 12 strong the other day (completely against my will). I’d been in a anti social mood entirely. All I knew about it was it was military based and factual.

After getting pretty into the film I could feel myself tense up to the point of my arms getting tired. My leg was bouncing against my will and my lip was shaking. I began to sweat and felt intense waves of feeling like crying. I switched positions several times and became all together self aware of how I was.

I started looking at dark spots in the theater to avoid looking at the movie and I felt really bad.

I wondered why. I am not military or a veteran. I have never seen war or faced a gun. What could give me such a tremendous amount of anxiety? Was it even anxiety? PTSD? Stress? What was I feeling?

I just felt terrible. At a movie.


I experienced ikea for the first time. It was amazing and cool but ohhh my goodness it was just so mentally draining for me. I probably wouldn’t go again unless I really need a couch I could put in my pocket.

I noticed there were a lot of foreign folks and really diverse groups which was cool. There was no where to park and the store was so full it was just instant claustrophobia. The bottom restroom was broken so the top one was full. The staff was very reluctant.

I just felt horribly trapped in other people’s lives and conversations the whole time. The day care seemed really sketchy to me. Pillows cost a ton because duck feathers.

Some of the items seemed flimsy. When you had to get your items from the depot place there were no helpers or warning labels if things were on a top shelf or excessive weight. No warnings on carts.


But I got a nice little spa robe and some cinnamon rolls so that was nice. But never again thanks.